Sunday, 22 December 2013

Joseph's song

Mary sings her Magnificat
But where is Joseph's song?
Joseph - portrayed as the quiet bystander
in so many Christmas illustrations
But to do as he did
took courage that wasn't quiet
but more like a roaring lion
protecting its cubs.
To protect Mary
from a harsh religious community
that would have watched her stoned
To protect mother and child
from a threatened regime
that would have them both slaughtered
demanded all the strength and wisdom
and obedience and faithfulness
that a man could possibly give.
A man, used to working with wood
carving out creations
functional and beautiful.
Gathering his tools
and crafting and shaping
with skill and patience
daring to make that first chisel
into raw material
and ploughing on
sure and determined
Such a man was needed by God
to provide a home and a hearth
for the Christ child.
Not a quiet bystander
But a man with a love and a passion
that would not be thwarted
Prepared to marry the mother of God
and father the Son of God.

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