Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fit for a king?

God if you chose today to send your son
where would he be born?
Would it be in the splendour of the city chambers?
The sanitised crèche set up in the square?
The boutique hotel on the corner?
Or the board room in the penthouse suite?
Where would he be born?
Would it be round the back of Gregg's the bakers
just by the refuse containers?
Or on the steps of the railway station
next to the free newspaper stand?
Where would he be born?
And who would see him first?
To whom would you proclaim the good news?
And by what means?
Would the Big Issue sellers
announce it to weary commuters?
Or would the news peal out across the city
from steeple to steeple?
Perhaps the night time revellers in the city
would hear the news whispered
as they wind their way home
and make the detour to worship?
But more than likely, today your people
would be too harassed
and insufficiently interested
to register your birth
and would simply
carry on regardless.

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