Friday, 8 March 2013

Spitfires and sweethearts

Today, I met a 93 year old lady who repaired spitfires during the war. She was a real character and listening to her stories was a tonic. Yesterday, I got caught up in an impromptu mission songs karaoke with some delightful ladies in a dementia care unit. Wonderful encounters like this are simply perks of ministry. The kind of perks that, though they don't come along nearly as often as I'd like, affirm that ministry of presence that we are called to exercise. Sometimes ministry does not entail form filling or document writing or cleverly crafted words and thoughts but more basic yet nonetheless important skills of responding to the moment we find ourselves in with the people who are our companions on the journey. It is to be hoped that such life-affirming incidences occur frequently enough to ground our Theology and to make it real.

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