Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Losing credibility

News reports this week quote a leading Scottish church person claiming that: "The church has lost credibility."
The church has always suffered from in credibility.
It is founded on the incredible sacrifice of the Son of God, who had a pretty incredible ministry, died an incredible death and, incredibly,rose again.
The church has also always been subject to very fallible humans getting it wrong, abusing power and, generally, screwing up.
But, like the incredible love of God on which the church is founded, the church endures, in spite of the human beings who make up the church. Failings or not, we flawed humans are not in a position to give the church credibility. Our task is to ensure that we don't obscure the incredible message of the gospel by taking centre stage when we do mess up.
Thank God that incredibility is a hall mark of the church of Jesus Christ and may we never seek to be credible and compromise the gospel.

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