Monday, 11 March 2013

Are we nearly there yet?

Counting down the days
until we can be done
with this Lenten austerity
such as it is.
Til we can reclaim the Alleluias
and make a joyful noise again
It's a slow burn to 40
The question is:
At the end of the day
will anything have changed in us?
Has the discipline done us any good?
Has the wilderness proved fertile
for our souls?
Or are we simply marking time,
doing what is expected of us
with no enthusiasm
and no sense of growth
or of movement?
Half way there
and weary.
But maybe that's a good sign
- the wilderness isn't supposed to be
a walk in the park.
If we're feeling the burn
then maybe, just maybe
we're doing something right.
Half way there.
Only one way to go.
One step at a time.

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