Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Feeding the soul

I've been fiddling around a lot lately. I'm a promiscuous fiddler - I'll play any genre - with any outfit that will accommodate me (or is desperate enough!) This weekend I had the privilege of playing with New Scottish Arts, supporting Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend on their Celtic Islands tour. Although the accompaniments demanded lots of focus and energy, I found myself overcome with the passion of the music and with the poignancy of the lyrics being shared as these amazingly talented hymn writers and artists performed. These hymns get right to the heart of contemporary faith. What a generous and effective ministry. I wondered if, back in their day, Moody and Sankey had a similar effect on their contemporaries. There is such power in sharing the gospel through music.


Beth said...

I love that I know an openly promiscuous anything! Love that you're getting so much fiddle time - definitely food for the soul. Just got back to the cello lessons today - a good day. Hugs.

liz said...

I was also sitting there thinking - wish Beth had been here for this. x
Hope your longer than imagined break from cello didn't do much harm.

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