Sunday, 24 June 2012

Harnessing dreams

Slaying giants—
the stuff of dreams
made real when God gets involved.
Stories of old coming to life
when told to a new generation.
God’s word is not safe,
it is dangerous.
It’s not benign,
it is powerful.
It encourages action and dissent
and sounds an alarm for us
to take up its challenge
and fight the monsters of today.
For God does not dwell in the past,
and stories do not remain on the page.
The Good News is a living word
that speaks in every age,
that calls on God’s people
to rise to new challenges,
to seek new ways,
to love and to serve
all God’s people.

A reflection on the story of David and Goliath written for Spill the Beans.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The longest day

The Summer Solstice finds me reflecting on the light and the darkness that is ministry for me just now.

  • The light of sharing with young folks as they celebrate the end of school term and their readiness to move on, their buoyancy and resilience shot through with hope. 
  • The affirming of vocation in folks struggling to discern the will of God. 
  • The commitment and support and enthusiasm of willing volunteers prepared to share their wisdom and learn new things.
  • The darkness of a couple who have grown old together and who now face debilitating illness, also together. 
  • The light that they share as they consider themselves fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk about death and face it together.
  • The light of creativity recognised and encouraged. 
  • The darkness of those who feel threatened by such creativity.
  • The darkness of those holding on tight to systems and traditions that no longer work.
  • The light of those willing to step out and embrace the new.
  • The darkness of knowing I am not enough.
  • The light of the assurance that the love of God is enough.
On this day of reflections, I am thankful that there is more light than darkness and, when most days are simply not long enough to do all that ministry requires, remind myself that God has it covered.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Feeding the soul

I've been fiddling around a lot lately. I'm a promiscuous fiddler - I'll play any genre - with any outfit that will accommodate me (or is desperate enough!) This weekend I had the privilege of playing with New Scottish Arts, supporting Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend on their Celtic Islands tour. Although the accompaniments demanded lots of focus and energy, I found myself overcome with the passion of the music and with the poignancy of the lyrics being shared as these amazingly talented hymn writers and artists performed. These hymns get right to the heart of contemporary faith. What a generous and effective ministry. I wondered if, back in their day, Moody and Sankey had a similar effect on their contemporaries. There is such power in sharing the gospel through music.

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