Friday, 6 April 2012

It was on the Friday

From pillar to post
tried by religious authorities,
political authorities,
and by ordinary people.
Tried and found wanting
on trumped up charges
from corrupt motives.
Tried, condemned and summarily sentenced to death,
death by public execution, nailed to a cross of wood,
witnessed by friends and family
by criminals and soldiers
experiencing total dereliction
surrendering his spirt
into the hands of God.
And the crowd moves on
to find something new
to catch their interest
a dead Messiah
can't cut it any more.
And, even though we know
the twist in the tale,
we who know the joy
of Easter Sunday
are no less fickle
as we seek new thrills
and fresh scandal
in which to become embroiled.
And still Christ hangs on
to his cross
determined to save
the likes of us.
Hallelujah! What a saviour.

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