Thursday, 8 March 2012

Journeying on...

An aha moment 
that moment of startling discovery 
when we think we know 
who Jesus is. 
It is awesome and reverent, 
a moment we just want to revel in 
and enjoy. 
But at that very moment of revelation 
it all comes crashing down around our ears 
and, thinking we've arrived, 
 we are sent crashing off 
on a whole new journey. 
A journey that upends everything 
that discombobulates. 
For Christ refuses to be pinned down
refuses any label we might stick on him. 
It is his way to keep us journeying 
to a new awareness 
an unfathomed truth 
a destination that is always 
just a little further on, 
a quest that keeps us restless 
that brings shocking revelations 
that upsets our complacency 
and denies us any sense 
of having arrived. 
For this is the Messiah.
Liz Crumlish Lwnt 2012

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