Friday, 16 March 2012

Daily examen

Through this day, O God
I saw you in the raindrops
slithering down the window pane.
You were playing hide and seek
in the swirls of mist
that hung around for the morning.
It was you who spoke
in the friendly, welcoming voices of school children
you, who challenged me
in their searching questions.
As I sat with the lady
bereaved of her husband
her soul mate for 56 years,
it was you who breathed comfort and love
and gently hinted at hope to come
when the time is right.
You were there as I shopped and cooked,
peering over my shoulder into the pans,
savouring the aroma of a family meal.
And, as I vacuumed
and scrubbed laminate flooring
you put a song in my heart
that escaped through my mouth.
There is nowhere O God
that you will not travel with us
Only our blindness
prevents us glimpsing you
always ready to weave your Spirit
in and around our lives
assuring us that we are beloved
longed for children
with whom God longs to spend time.
Thank you God
for this day.
Liz Crumlish Lent 2012

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