Monday, 6 February 2012

Bridge builders

The sun rose over this bridge in New Orleans, signaling that it was time to leave the cruise ship aboard which we had been engaged in some Continuing Education with a bunch of clergy women and friends. The women came from many different places, from many different denominations, with many different degrees of experience and wisdom. Infectious exuberance lay alongside careworn weariness. Tired spirits were buoyed up by unbridled optimism. Those just embarking on ministry rubbed along with those already retired. Each brought enough to share and more and all feasted on a rich smorgasbord of imagination and creativity. There was respectful listening and careful holding of confidences shared. This reflects the roots of the group - a supportive online web ring for women in ministry - and their friends. That so many shades of theology and opinion and character and strength can meet and feel valued and heard is no mean feat. Engineered by the God of all life - with a little (lot of) help from the board of the Revgalblogpals. Thanks be to God.


Sally-Lodge Teel said...

Thanks, Liz! We wouldn't be the group we are with you.

Jane Ellen+ said...

How accustomed I've become to the Big Blue Social Network; I caught myself looking for the "Like" button.

Martha Spong said...

I love this. It was such a joy to have you there.

Muthah+ said...

Good to know that the trip was as much fun as it was for me. Bridge building is what we all were doing. Can you imagine a causeway to Scotland? We have one. It is in the faith and friendship that we have shared.

If we can get the Anglican Covenant "scotched" I will be crossing the pond to celebrate with the CofE folks who have done mucn of the heavy lifting on our coalition. I will need to take a trip up the west coast and meet the Gairns.

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