Friday, 9 December 2011

Never ending story

The Forth Bridge, which spawned the myth that, by the time its painters finished painting it, it was time to start again has, finally, been coated with a long lasting paint - which means it shouldn't need painted again for at least 20 years. It was unveiled today in all its painted glory. And so ends an era that produced a metaphor for those tasks that seem never ending.
Changing landscapes are a recurring theme in the life of faith. Continually, God's people are called to move physically and spiritually to embrace changes in the landscape and culture that surround us. Finding ways to keep the story alive and to share the steadfast love of God in a new age is the challenge always before us, a challenge to which we are called to respond with imagination and innovation that allows the old, old, story to be told in every age.
May advent hope and light pierce whatever landscape surrounds you.

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