Thursday, 8 December 2011

Invisible halo

Pregnant Advent
For those experiencing the anticipation of pregnancy
in this season of waiting and expectation
God sends angels
to massage soothing balm
into the twinges of fear and apprehension
For those mourning the emptiness of loss
in this season of giving
God sends angels
not to fill the void
but to hold the space
so that grief may be honoured and cherished
Those same angels that announced
earth shattering changes
in the lives of Mary and Joseph
and Elizabeth and Zechariah
and life altering good news
for shepherds going about their daily grind
minister in our world today
stealing into lives disrupted
by  events
longed for or dreaded
bidden or unbidden
and wrap those invisible, noiseless wings
around our lives
mending and minding
swaddling in love
still being heralds
of the Advent of God
in ALL of life
Liz Crumlish Dec 2011

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