Friday, 2 December 2011

The Gift

Journeying through Advent
we look for perfection
for everything done and dusted
the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed
everything wrapped up and beautifully finished off
because it’s all in the presentation .
But you are so untidy, God.
You send a baby
who girns and soils,
needs fed and changed
who kicks off the covers and won’t lie still
and you ask us to care for this baby God
We can’t do that in our good clothes
in our pristine homes
because babies bring mess and chaos
and noise and upheaval.
They don’t fit into perfectly ordered lives.
God, give us the ability to tear up our schedules
and to give up our tidiness
and allow you, playful God
to muss our hair
and crumple our clothes
and, as we learn to care for you
may we also care for each other   
in all our untidiness.
Liz Crumlish December 2011                                             

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