Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent for beginners?

I got to "explain" Advent to P7 kids today(11year olds). As always, this was a great exercise for making me think about what advent is. We talked about calendars, candles, and colours as well prophets, John the Baptist, Mary and Gaudete. Yes, we went quite deep! I was amazed when one youngster asked me - so what does the chocolate (in their advent calendars) have to do with Advent? I'll not tell you how I "fudged" an answer to that but it was a lovely opportunity to draw them back to the real point of Christmas - Jesus - who came to bring light, hope, peace and joy into the world.
To sum things up at the end, I used a video from Busted Halo and the children are going to go online and check out their Advent Calendar. Thanks be to God for children who encourage us to examine what we do.

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