Sunday, 13 November 2011

Seeing beyond

In spite of or more probably because of my views on war, I love putting together our annual Remembrance Service. It is challenging to hold together all the tensions that arise and attempt to make our collective remembrance worthy of all those who have borne the great cost of war and point to a future hope that we can find other ways to resolve conflict throughout the world. And, of course, year on year, as well as those who have died, we also want to affirm and support the growing number of casualties who are sentenced to a life bearing the physical and mental scars inflicted by their obedience in service as well as the many civilians who have also had their lives irrevocably changed - the "collateral damage" of government speak. Of course to do this effectively takes a huge amount of effort and this is generally appreciated. Sadly, there will always be those who are, quite simply, just too wrapped up in their own trivia to get even the briefest glimpse of a bigger picture. To catch that vision of hope that God affords, we have to lift our eyes and squint into the light.

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