Friday, 17 June 2011

Work in progress

This rainbow was constructed in the sanctuary out of our hopes and dreams. It is good to have it as  sign of hope and a reminder of what, in God, we might become as well as an assurance that we are loved just as we are. One of the most wonderful things about ministry is hearing people's stories and being reminded every day that each of us is unique and special. Our God moulds us and gifts us through every experience of life, through joys and difficulties. In God our hopes and dreams become realities.


Danny said...

Liz, I was thinking of starting a rainbow this Sunday... what did you use for the backing paper - wand how big did you make it - it looks quite large from your pictures.

My idea was to prepare some of it in advance then get people to add to it on the day, and the blocks of colour being added would have people's dreams and visions for the future of our congregation written on them.

Any tips you can give would be helpful :)

Blessings Dorothy

liz said...

I've sent an email. Hope it's helpful. c

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