Friday, 27 May 2011

A vintage tour

This picture, taken in Edinburgh this morning, reminded me of that skit that Rikki Fulton used to do of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
This year's Assembly certainly took a real tour of the Church of Scotland, tackling huge issues and taking decisions that will radically reform the church. There were many roundabouts and wrong turns and even a few dead ends. But the tour did finish and commissioners were dispatched to their various parishes to enact the decisions taken and to given further thought to unfinished business.
And, if it seems that all the talking and deliberating, the amendments and counter motions and the points of order make little real difference to the work we undertake in our communities. If it seems that the mission of God in the world, in which we are invited to participate, carries on regardless, then that is a good thing. Institutions must have processes and order. But none of these should hinder our sharing of God's love for the world. As the moderator reminded us in worship: gathered around tables, we should continue to tell the stories of faith and, in that faithful sharing, will communities be changed by the gospel of love.

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