Monday, 23 May 2011

Identity Crisis

We all now know who the premier division footballer was who sought an injunction to prevent his identity being revealed in affair allegations - thanks to Twitter - and the House of Commons. A review of privacy laws and regulation of social networking is being mooted.
However, this weekend, at the General Assembly, I've had so much fun talking to folk I've never met, yet feel I know intimately through the wonders of Facebook!
And, earlier this year, I was able to meet up with some wonderful women bloggers in America, whose stories I've been party to and whose journeys I've shared through the wonders of the internet community.
It can be truly transformative to discover that our journey is shared by caring pilgrims with whom we have yet to meet.
May we continue to hold the Christ light for each other as we travel on in our social networking pathways.

1 comment:

spotthegerbil said...

I was standing not too far away when you took this photo, as I was helping to steward. There's a splash of colour in the picture that I think belongs to Mrs Gerbil's jacket. And I know of at least one other blogger that wasn't too far away as well.

If this becomes a regular event, and I hope it does, perhaps there should be a tent for the bloggers to both meet up and to let the wider church know about the benefit of social media. I'll supply the cakes!

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