Saturday, 2 April 2011

Windows to the soul?

Amidst the cooking and cleaning today, I have been thinking about the story of the shepherd boy David, the youngest of his brothers, being anointed by the prophet Samuel as the next king(1Samuel 16:1-13). The prophet is assured by God, that it is not the outward appearance that counts. Just as well, since David must have seemed really puny in comparison to his big brothers. However, the text does mention that David had "beautiful eyes". It's a strange detail to include, especially when one layer of the message seems to be that appearance doesn't matter. Those "beautiful eyes" must surely reveal something much deeper - a beautiful soul perhaps?
The Gospel reading is the one we considered mid week about a blind man being given sight. Sight that revealed Jesus to him as the Son of God. As always, lots of hidden depths in the texts this week. Lots to work with and mull over. What will God reveal to us?

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Dot said...

Brilliant that you can multi-task in that way, mulling over the story of David, and his 'beautiful eyes' in the midst of the cooking and cleaning!
Makes m wonder how much multi-tasking
I do in the midst of worship~do I concentrate all my efforts on the service and content of the sermon, or do I let my mind wander to the chores that lie ahead, the shopping list, the next week's appointments~oh yes, I do!
Seems to me that it is a good thing to be thinking about the text in the midst of the chores but to think about the chores in the midst of the text is a different matter.
Lord grant me a growing sense of focus and concentration on your word~Amen.

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