Saturday, 23 April 2011

For whom do we wait? (not the Easter bunny!)

In the silence that now ensues
after all the worship
and all the singing
after all the shouts of Crucify him!
and the soundscape of whips and nails
and creaking and groaning
and weeping and wailing
for whom do we wait?

The Risen Christ in all his glory?
For sure.
But how will he come?
In shining white robes,
striding with power and majesty
entering on a fanfare of praise?
or silently stealing in
walking alongside us
and, when pressed,
showing us the marks of his suffering and death?

Where we are
the Risen Christ is
How we need him to be
the Risen Christ is
In the watching and the waiting
in the silence
he comes.
King of Kings
Lord of Lords
We wait on the miracle that is Resurrection.

1 comment:

Dot said...

Waiting is never something that comes easy to the days of instant everything even another day of impatient waiting is hard~but with the sadness of Good Friday almost past, we await the dawn of Easter Sunday to celebrate the one who has Risen! and then we know again the joy of the Risen Saviour and the Alleluia's will resound with praise.
Blessed Redeemer!

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