Sunday, 20 March 2011

More difficult than it seems

On sunday mornings we are sojourning with the Old Testament lectionary readings. This morning, we started out with Abram who, at the age of 75, was called by God to go on a journey. It struck me how often, from the beginning of Abe's story we are told of how he built an altar or communed with God. His journey was peppered with prayer.
In church this morning we attempted making doves out of paper doilies. The idea was we would keep them with us during the week so that, when world news gets us down, we could remember to lift up in prayer all those suffering throughout the world. However, what I thought were simple instructions flummoxed a lot of people. I'm so glad we didn't attempt origami Japanese cranes!
We did get the message, though, that when things are so difficult, when things are as out of control as they are throughout the world right now, in our helplessness, it is vital that we keep on praying.

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Dot said...

I love the fact that you chose to try to make the dove of PEACE!
In these difficult times and difficult situations around the world, sometimes there is little we can do, other than pray.
As I write, I am challenged by what I have just written~why do I say there is little we can do~when we can PRAY!
Prayer is such an important activity that this is the FIRST thing we should do in all circumstances, then consider what other responses are appropriate for and to different situations.
Prayer warriors rather than war~mongers is what is needed right now.
It sure is vital that we keep praying~the best, not the only, thing we can do.

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