Monday, 28 March 2011

Full steam ahead?

Some days, don't you just long for things of the past?Like those easy, carefree days before the plague of mobile phones and email and IMs. Those days when you could go AWOL for hours on end with no one fearing that you'd been abducted by aliens. Those days when it was expected that you had some down time without it being construed as a sign of weakness or lack of dedication.
Maybe the discipline of Lent could become a tool for reclaiming some space and for educating those who expect unlimited access that their expectations may not- and should not - always be met.


Dot said...

I am wondering if there might be some mileage in taking the decision to switch the phone off, not switch the computer on and not even go near the study (not even to polish it!)when a day off is proclaimed. I also think that those of us who work odd hours should start to think in sessions, i.e. 3 sessions in a day but only two of these sessions should be for work!
So maybe the discipline of lent is to switch off literally and figuratively? People would then get used to waiting for a response~is there anything that urgent?
Easier said than done, I know, but worth a bit of practice!

liz said...

Wise words, Dot. People tend to panic when you switch off for even the briefest period. They're going to have to get used to it!

Nik said...

Oh dear, I've really been spending waaaay too much time in the 16th century: I was briefly scanning the blog and the way the words wrapped, I read the following:
Like those easy, carefree days before the plague
and then I saw the 'of'.

For a second I was in Europe prior to the plague spreading across the continent thinking 'yeah, they really didn't know how good they had it'.
I must find a life beyond history... heeelp.

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