Thursday, 2 December 2010

Be a part of it

Our Nativity scene is beginning to take shape -
 first, the stable backdrop, then the animals, 
the holy family, the angels and the shepherds - 
and, eventually the wise men, led by the star.
Building up, layer on layer, character by character - 
all with a part to play in the story.
A story that is never complete, that has no ending, 
a scene that is never finished 
but where there is always room for one more.
A layout that calls for no particular precision - 
haphazard will do. 
For there was nothing tidy about the advent of God 
into a world toiling under oppression.
Still we are invited.
Still we are welcomed.
To occupy a corner, to make ourselves at home.
And contemplate the Christ child, born in our midst.

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