Monday, 21 June 2010

Longest day

This was my view driving home at 10:30pm tonight. Sun took ages to set. The longest day always awakens some primal instinct in me. I've always wanted to find a hill and put together some worship set against the backdrop of the setting sun. Probably if I ever got around to it, it would be a real dreich Scottish night!
One year, in Mull with a friend, on the longest day, we celebrated in a Druid stone circle. Awesome. Our ancestors knew what they were about when they chose their special sites. I'm glad we haven't fathomed their rhyme and reason - mystery is good.


Nik said...

you need an pre-made 'instant worship' kit to keep in your car - for those times when your primal self and the weather/ seasons coincide in a mystery-inducing way...

liz said...

Mmmm... Interesting thought. Wonder what said Instant worship kit should contain?

crabbit besom said...

Tealights! It's got to have tealights!

liz said...

crabbit besom, long time no see. Hope you are well.
Definitely tea lights - mysterious ones :)

Nik said...

One large bag containing 3 boxes all looking the same,
[each with 3 objects possibly useful in the creating of worship]...
one bag/ three boxes to represent the mystery of the Trinity, naturally ;)

On those days your primal self feels compelled to do that mysterious worship thang, 'lucky dip' [or if you would rather think of it as 'predestined', that is obviously theologically a good Reformed move] a box from the bag and see what you get.
Will it be:
the nature box: stones, feathers and shells?
the sacraments box: wine, bread, water?
the reformed box: 3 different translations of the bible - in the vernacular, of course...

Hmmm, this has the makings for a 'reality liturgy' show, dontchathink? Shall we copyright it?!

liz said...

Mmmm. We could definitely be onto something here (as opposed to on something). This is definitely right up there with the preaching beards!!!

Jimmy said...

The elements of nature
seldom by will or chance of play
In moments of alignment
converge to make a perfect day.

Nik said... elements of wine and bread
must needs be shared indoors, instead.

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