Thursday, 29 April 2010

Who's motto?

In this year when we celebrate 450 years of reformation, wouldn't it be good to adopt a few motifs from the Hard Rock Cafe? We could display memorabilia of the great rocker reformers and practice the loving and serving all that adorns the doorway. Or would that just be too radical a reformation?


Nik said...

although, technically, Knoxy was more a disco man than a rocker... that good old Saturday Night Fever move he's making on his plinth in New College provides the clue to this ;)
Memorabilia to include preaching beards, I hope!

liz said...

You bet.Preaching beards in every colour. And, hopefully all those instruments of torture that Sessions had at their command - no, wait, they haven't yet been consigned to history!

Nik said...

ah well if that's the case, best not to forget a stand selling ministerial Kevlar armour, guaranteed to fit under any clerical garment

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