Saturday, 17 April 2010

Life is stranger than fiction

Who would have believed that a volcanic eruption in Iceland would ground flights between the UK and USA? We should be on our way right now but latest advice suggests a midweek departure at the earliest. There is something liberating about having no control over events. I'm confident that, by the time we do get home, we'll have learned a lot about being patient and making the best of circumstances.


Dot said...

How lovely to have some extra unexpected family time! Hope you don't have to spend it in an airport!
Look forward to hearing all about it when you do get back.

Jennifer said...

Hi Liz,

Will add you to my list of people to think about who are stranded by this volcano! It is not looking very good at the moment. It's just so amazing that the power of the earth can have such an effect on our 21st century lives.

liz said...

Jennifer, thanks. We can enjoy until midweek, but beyond that, it might not be just so amusing. And I know we're lucky not to be in Iceland OR to be stranded without resources at an airport.

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