Sunday, 25 April 2010

Giving thanks

This is Natural Bridge, in Virginia a beautiful site visited on a glorious day. There were crows nesting high in its crevices and the sound of their cries echoing off the stone was quite something. It's great to be home and reliving our memories.
From the horror stories that are emerging of folk caught up in the Volcanic Ash flight chaos, we have been extremely lucky. We were only a week late getting home, we found reasonable hotel rates, got in some extra sight seeing and, when we got back to Glasgow Airport, NCP waived the extra parking charges.
And, I have some great colleagues who stood in for me. It's amazingly easy to con folks into helping out from a distance. If it wasn't for impending Higher exams, I might have been tempted to spin things out a bit longer! Folks managed fine without me.

1 comment:

Tom said...

We may have managed without you but we missed your leadership and companionship. Great to have you and the family back with us.

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