Sunday, 21 March 2010


The week ahead is looking scary right now. Mornings, afternoons and evenings are fully scheduled. So much for work-life balance. Christian seasons tend to mess that up for clergy. So, I'm going to use this bench as a virtual place of escape until I can get there for real. Virtually, I'll appreciate the view down the Kyles of Bute. Virtually, I'll watch the gannets dive. Virtually, I'll admire the whisky cruiser as she plies her trade. Virtually I'll enjoy the lapping tide and the flapping of riggings as the Kyle fills up again with yachts. Virtually, all that will keep me sane and give me perspective. I give thanks that I can go there virtually.

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Jimmy McPhee said...

Blogging is a stress to me just now. I started a blog in january but now that family members are reading it I'm not sure what to write.
I was looking through my "papers" tonight and I came accross this note - Rev Sheila Mitchell. Preached on Sunday service(on tv) 10th feb 02 that Jesus lived a gypsy life style was Jewish was black and was illegitimate. I remember thinking it was an amazingly brave sermon. And I suppose thats what you've got to do be brave enough to speak what you believe to be true regardless of who is scrutinizing it.

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