Monday, 15 March 2010

Fog warning

When you think you are headed in one direction and then discover that events conspire to direct somewhere else entirely, it's tempting to complain about the fog. A more constructive alternative might be to check the view from a different perspective. And to give thanks for the opportunity to explore uncharted territory. Who knows? It may even be possible to find an alternative that simply would not have been considered if things had proceeded as anticipated. New horizons are a distinct possibility, even in the fog.


Nik said...

you mean I can run away and join the circus? yay!!!
Have recently been losing perspective - your post was timely. Thanks :)

liz said...

too much hanging with foxy knoxy! glad the post made sense to someone other than my fogged up brain. :)

Danny said...

It made sense to me ... my ministry to date seems to have been about events consiring or shifting sands and today I really needed to take your advice and to look at it from a different perspective.

Although running away to the circus with Nik is very tempting too.

Nik said...

mind you, the kirk is really rather like a circus in its own peculiar way, innit! *grins*

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