Thursday, 11 February 2010

Curse or blessing

Do I really want to know about Ms Z who lives at a certain address, (I'll guard the details) who had defaulted on her loan and is about to be evicted? Would you expect your broker/landlord/whatever to be discussing your confidential business on the Glasgow Edinburgh commute? So often on these journeys, even with my ipod blasting in my ears, I’m privy to much more information than I’d like to be

What did I do?

I stopped to offer a prayer for that person and the professional discussing her so blithely

In some small way trying to dredge up something positive from business that is none of mine.

It seems that firms and contracts can offer you all the privacy protection they like but cannot guard against casual mobile phone conversations in public spaces.

Once I'd managed to shift that from my mind, I managed to write a couple of meditations for Holy Week.

I like to use journey time creatively, not for invading privacy.

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