Sunday, 29 November 2009

Here at last!

A reflection for the beginning of a new year in the church:

Watch for this: The time is coming'—God's Decree—'when I will keep the promise I made to the families of Israel and Judah. When that time comes, I will make a fresh and true shoot sprout from the David-Tree. He will run this country honestly and fairly. He will set things right.
Jeremiah 33: 14,15 (The Message)

Our every day is full of promises. From the promise of the washing machine repair company guaranteeing a quick fix to the politician promising justice coupled with tax cuts. (How can the two possibly go together?) And then there are the promises we make ourselves – to eat less, to exercise more, to spend more time with family. Promises, it seems, are for breaking or at the very least, compromising.
The Christian season of Advent breaks free of this pattern and brings the refreshment of promise fulfilled. We anticipate the coming of that shoot from the David-tree, the one who will bring honesty and fairness. We see in the birth of Jesus signs of something different. Signs of something that goes against the grain, runs contrary to that to which we have grown accustomed. We look for God’s son to set things right. And we are not disappointed.
Advent 1

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