Tuesday, 22 September 2009

When is a :) not a :)?

I've just noticed that, to the end of my dinosaur post, I attached a :). That's OK then. I can be as derogatory as I like about the institution in which I minister. :) makes everything alright. :) is the new "with all due respect". I used to eagerly await those words emerging in meetings. As soon as someone said: "with all due respect", you knew an insult was coming. In text speak, the :) serves the same purpose. It makes insults OK.
I have, on occasion, been told that my smile gets me out of all sorts of hot water. But don't you know folk whose smiles hide shark's teeth?
So it is with the :). Merely masking the venom. I really must monitor my usage more carefully. :)


Anonymous said...

Like your hat and blouse, but you have aged somewhat :)

see you Friday,

liz said...

I'll get you back for that over the weekend. :)

crabbit besom said...

mmmm... Should we be on the lookout for sharks' teeth this weekend? see you Friday too!:)

liz said...

Oops! It will be so good to meet folk I only know through this. Promise I'll use the real smile this weekend:)

crabbit besom said...

Thanks for everything, Liz. It was great. Hope you get home safe and the internet connection is working:)!

liz said...

CB - back on my fix. It was such a privilege to be involved - good to meet you IRL - and you're not Crabbit at all! Hope your mum continues to improve and you get time to recover. blessings

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