Sunday, 27 September 2009

Hot wheels

I've just returned from one of the most exhausting yet most exhilarating weekends I've ever experienced. Spent in the company of Church of Scotland probationers and slightly crazy colleagues, the last three days have been filled with laughter, tears and sheer grace. I even got to zoom across the new Kincardine Bridge with my top off - all in an effort to procure some communion wine! (The bridge wasn't exactly en-route to the nearest supermarket but it was such a pretty day and we needed some fresh air). It's good to share gifts and be inspired by the gifts and talents of others. And it's great to be reassured that, alongside all that we so easily find wrong with the church, there is also much for which to give thanks and from which we can glean hope for the future. Thanks be to God.


Anonymous said...

"Once more unto the breach dear friends once more or close the wall up with our English dead...."There is little wrong with the Church when crazy ministers zoom accross a bridge to buy wine.The Church is fine,it is sometimes the people in it.

crabbit besom said...

I thought it was Jane's top, but it was yours! Oooh I'm jealous:)

Tanya said...

yup, exhausting and exhilarating just about sums it up. It was a real roller coaster.

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