Thursday, 20 August 2009

In yer face!

One of the things I'm finding very refreshing in my "new" parish (its been a year now) is that folks are very much more "in yer face" - that is upfront and open. I'm used to folk being more reserved. But that just means it's hard to tell where you are with them.
The other day, on the train, I encountered a mum with a special needs child. I debated over whether to speak with her, frightened of being judged as forward or prying. But I plunged in and we had a good conversation. She was visiting this part of the world to see a specialist with her son. As she left the train, I gave her my card, just in case I could be of any assistance while she was in this area. That too I was a bit shy of doing - didn't want her to think that, being a minister, I had any hidden agenda. It was simply the action of one mum recognising in the other the struggle to do the best for our children who have special needs. Fortunately, my actions were taken in the spirit in which they were offered.
But why the angst?
Why can't I just put myself out there without worrying about being misinterpreted?
I suppose that's a legacy of too many experiences of being judged and found wanting.
Seems like it's time to let that go and be prepared to risk.
Progress or what?

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