Monday, 23 June 2008

Can't put it off any longer

Its time. We spoke to the removal man tonight. We have a date and a deadline.

My world isn't particularly ordered at the best of times. The thought of being surrounded by packing materials and boxes fills me with dread but also with the notion of possibility. I might just be able to get rid of some of the clutter that has surrounded me for the last 7 years. Moving here from a much bigger house meant that we had far too much stuff. Maybe now, some of that stuff can finally go. We haven't missed it so really we can't need it.

All this potential for de-cluttering is actually very liberating on many levels. Time to weed out those things that drain, the weeds that choke out what is good and life-giving. Time to leave behind the things that have weighed us down. Time to move forward unfettered into light. A date and a deadline - for new life. It makes the packing seem more palatable.

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