Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Glimpses of God

A friend and colleague gave me a book of daily meditations of Frederick Beuchner. What a gift! I had only vaguely heard of Beuchner until I encountered fellow blogger Frederick Beuchner's lovechild who often shares wisdom from Buechner. Yesterday's reading alluded to the "elusiveness" yet pervasiveness of God. Great stuff.
Our days are simply peppered with glimpses of God all around. The trick is to catch those flashes, to wallow in the present and soak them up so that on those grey days when life is more like a game of hide and seek, our souls can receive balm from the memories of God echoing around us. Seeing God in everything today will help provide sustenance on those days when we refuse to be distracted by God's playfulness.


Frederick Buechner's Lovechild said...

Ah me - the blessed Fred. Glad you're enjoying reading him. He has a rare gift for naming feelings and ideas that I'd otherwise find hard to put words to.

In "God Is Closer Than You Think" John Ortberg makes the point that God's primary promise to humanity isn't "I will forgive you", it's "I will be with you". I absolutely love that.

You're spot on in what you say. God is there to be met, if we only have eyes to see and ears to hear.



Cherie said...

Yes, the blessed Fred. I do so enjoy him!

Love this quote. I shall look into purchasing that book, Liz. Thanks for the tip!

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