Sunday, 9 December 2007

Sleeping Warrior

A famous landmark around these parts is the sleeping warrior, a range of hills just discernible in the clouds in this pic.
I've been doing a lot of processing recently. It feels good to be able to snatch a few moments to ponder the meaning of life and the like.
Years ago, training in counselling, my supervisor suggested that I had a real strength within that I was either unaware of or in denial of. This past wee while I've become very conscious of that steely core and I've needed every ounce of it. A sleeping warrior, lying dormant within, surfacing when most needed. Its a quality I want to befriend and, though that won't please everyone, its a quality I need to survive.
Will people still love me if I release this sleeping warrior? Does it matter?


Cherie said...

Same page again, Liz. I could have written that last part of your post. Amazing. And scary, isn't it?

About that sleeping warrior in you - let her loose!

Frederick Buechner's Lovechild said...

G'on yersel, Boadicea!

Have you attached swords to the alloys of your Vauxhall Astra yet?!

You're right, Liz. I think a kind heart is a prerequisite for this job, but allied to an inner strength. Godwilling we won't be called to 'war' with those among whom we minister very often, but we need that steeliness to surface every now and again.

Blessings for the season. Keeping the heid? I've had a wee quiet morning and a couple of ideas have come for different services which totally takes the heat out of things. Once I've got that wee idea I'm off and running. Hope you're managing to fill in some of those blanks too.


liz said...

fbl - if you don't mind, my chariot is a vw beetle.
Thanks for your good wishes for this mad but wonderful season. Glad to hear some of your services are coming together. My advent planning seems to have worked so far - getting a few nights at home with the kids, watching old movies etc.
I was reminded today of that quote from I don't know who about being afraid, not of our inadequacies but of our light. I'm having a real time of discovering strengths just now and doing my best not to stifle them but give them space to grow. Its quite scary at times, but in this season of new beginnings it feels wholly right.
Blessings on you and yours.
boadicea (did she not do that naked horseback thing?)

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