Friday, 2 November 2007

In the shadows

In our everyday we are dogged by events of the past - for good or ill. Our past plays a big role in where we are today. We are here either because of or in spite of our past - or maybe even a bit of both. Awareness of the shadows surrounding us is no bad thing. We can guard against their negative influences and be grateful for their positive contribution to our present.
Just as we can't escape the shadows cast by the low sun on an autumn day, neither can we outrun the past that has shaped us. But we can move on. And as the sun sets to rise again on a brand new day, so we can leave the shadows behind and emerge into the light.


Anonymous said...

Shadows of our life abound.Only when we allow the light of our greater being into our life, can we move on positively and confidently in our path.Christ lights that path,he is there for all to follow.Can you see that light? Believe even without seeing?
We can be blinded in this but we are never blinded by his light.Sometimes we need to stop and look!Sometimes we need to ask a friend or even be told by a stranger.Ask and you shall receive,go on give it a bash!!!!

liz crumlish said...

I agree. We can't deny the shadows of the past but we can escape from them and be grateful for the light in which we live in the present.

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