Sunday, 9 September 2007

One of those days

In contrast to yesterday, today has been pretty frustrating. Do you ever feel you're speaking a different language from everyone else?
I feel like asking in belligerent tones - what part of that do you not understand? But of course I'm much too polite - or perhaps just too much of a coward.
Communication is a huge thing in all of life. In the church, it seems to be the bane of life. Why is that when the gospel we preach is so simple? Sure the road isn't easy and disipleship means sacrifice but the underlying core of love that underpins the whole of Christian life is not rocket science - just nuclear.
It must be bad - I feel moved to write another poem.
Instead of Presbyterian heron, this is:

Presbyterian love

Does love in the church always have to be at a distance.
Full of decorum.
Not even a hint of spontaneity.
Far less emotion.
Love - is it me or the others
Am I making it too simple - or too complex
Are my eyes too rosy - or are theirs growing cataracts.
What is there to misinterpret
Well, it seems there is plenty
So I'll have to try again
Another day -
when I've topped up the reserves.
God give me love.


Frederick Buechner's Lovechild said...

It's hard not to get down about it sometimes. You knock your pan in and yet progress seems so painfully slow. Can I refer you to the Teilhard de Chardin poem I'd blogged a few days ago ('Slow Work' was the blog title). As well as encouraging patience with self, it's a helpful reminder that things in congregational life move slowly too, but they do move!

And it's always worth remembering quite how obtuse both the disciples and the crowd could be at times. JC knew that experience all too well, so we're in good company.....


Rachey_pie said...

Just wanted to say great hymm choice for yesterday!

It started and i was like "i know this tune from somewhere" haha.

Again, i had a we larf to myself.

Rachael xx

liz said...

thanks, fbl - good to be able to blog about it.

Rach, you must've put that tune in my head!


Cherie said...

On the same wave as you today, Liz.

I hear you......

Rachey_pie said...

so did you not realise it was the same tune?!?!


Rachael xx

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