Thursday, 6 September 2007

Mobile again

I've spent the day walking the parish. Something I should do much more. Unfortunately time doesn't often permit such decadence. But at least I was able to find my way easily from visit to visit.

The good news is that my Tom Tom is back up and running. One of the wonderful men in my life (the main man) went on to the website and helpfully discovered that the Tom Tom has a reset button. As a mere woman I have to say that it is very cunningly concealed in the casing! What would I be doing looking at the back of the instrument? My relationship with anything technical is on a strictly need to know basis. Any way there's no stopping me now that I can be directed once again. Oh and all that stuff about not becoming too reliant? I'll shelf that until the next time. Leah (the beetle) Darth Vadar (the Tom tom) and I are off on a mission. God is in her heaven and all is well.


Cherie said...

What adventures you have, Liz! Tooling around, candle boats, pub ministry, fire alarms, children. And the determination that God must be a woman for there was no answer to your plea for directions.

Should have asked ME!

: D

liz said...

Cherie, life is fun lots of the time, isn't it? Are you good with directions then - or have you just always known that God is a woman?

Rachey_pie said...

so you've named your car....that doesnt make me feel as strange about anming my laptop, haha.

Rachael xx

Cherie said...

I'm good with directions - God a woman, a man? Who knows....

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