Sunday, 23 September 2007

Bizzare - or what?

This giant toadstool has been growing in our jungle of a garden. In the sunshine today, I thought I could see Christ's face on the fungus. So have I been watching too much sci fi or reading too much weird and wonderful material? Or can you see it too?

Last week, I read of someone finding Christ's face on a frozen lemon slice.

So - do we create Christ in our image? Is that why his face pops up in all sorts of bizarre places on all sorts of innate objects. Have we given him one of those faces that we see everywhere? Is it an optical illusion?

Its an interesting thought - the image we have super imposed on Christ. How good would it be if Christ did appear everywhere, evidenced by us human beings loving and serving each other, just as Jesus did? Christ incarnate - wherever I am, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Turin toadstool???

Would we let Him in 11:00 Sunday morning?


Cherie said...

Fungus Christ....that's a new one.

It sorta looks like Voldemort to me, but maybe the transference over the internet goofs it up.... ; )

liz said...

R - Would we ever allow Christ into our sanctuary?

Cherie - You're probably right - more likely Voldemort than Christ. Fun anyway.

Frederick Buechner's Lovechild said...

One of my favourite stories is about a wee village in Mexico where Jesus' face turned up on a wall. Pilgrims gathered for miles around to see it and light candles. Sadly things ended when someone investigated more closely and found that 'Jesus' was a Willie Nelson poster that had been whitewashed over.

Nowt as queer as folk!

I've never quite understood what God might be playing at in these kinds of 'miracles' and therefore tend to be a bit skeptical about the 'Jesus Face In My Pork Scratchings' school of reporting!

FBL ;-)

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