Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Landing the catch

My daughter travels to school by taxi every day. She has the most jolly taxi driver you could imagine who is great with Zara in all her moods. He's a fisherman and often shares his catch with us. This summer my "boys" got into fishing, casting off the end of the pier in Tighnabruaich, our place of retreat. There's nothing quite like the taste of freshly caught mackerel cooked on the grill. The first time I was there at the catch however, disturbed me. Its one thing cooking washed and gutted fish but quite another seeing the fish struggling for its last breath. I have to confess that I got over that and went on to enjoy the supper provide by the sport. But there are many things in life to which we can't turn a blind eye. Tonight as our UK Government vote to spend billions of pounds on replacing Trident, our nuclear deterrent, we shouldn't so easily "get over it". The taste of a missed opportunity to sow seeds of peace will taint us for a long time to come. Peace-mongers are not defeated though. The struggle goes on.

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