Sunday, 18 March 2007

Growing pains

"Well, they don't lick it aff the grun'". A favourite old Scots saying of a friend of mine who teaches in primary school. It means, I suppose, in normal speak, that children learn from those with whom they live. In other words, the influence comes, in particular, from the adults around them. And those annoying habits and traits they have are learned mostly at home. My children, as preacher's kids should therefore be above reproach. If only! This Mothering Sunday, I celebrate my son and daughter, especially in their outrageous moments. And, if my influence on them isn't always the best, I give thanks that, hopefully they will grow out of the less edifying things and still have enough positive influence and affirmation to carry them through whatever life may throw at them. And I give thanks for all that they teach me every day and for the ways in which I am changed for the better because of their influence on me.

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