Saturday, 17 March 2007

Confining the fury

Another picture from Staffa, showing that wonderful rock formation and a boiling sea. The boatman told us that even on the most beautiful days, there is often a heavy swell around the island. We certainly witnessed a lot of energy in the sea on the day we visited. Yet looking further out, the sea appears calm, unruffled. The surging current is concentrated around the isalnd, an obstacle in its raging path. A rage that can be dissipated when spread over a wider area but which is released in all its fury when it is confined and restricted. Churches can often be boiling pots that confine energies and create obstruction rather than allowing the space for a less hurried, more gentle exploration of faith. Encouragement to reach beyond the limits, however can often lead to a more measured, enduring type of faith that can circumnavigate obstacles when they arise.

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